Dr Dee’s New Year Message

by on 05/01/05 at 4:35 pm

My loyal subjects. another twelve months has passed and it’s time for me to address you all on the subject of Bristol Rovers and The Black Arab Web Site.

I am beginning to worry that I am falling out of love with Bristol Rovers. The past few years of dross and bitter dissapointment are really biting. I found it hard to enjoy our recent 3-1 win over Northampton, it felt like when John Ward was the manager and we were succesful but dull. Dull, dull, dull. Atkins reign has on balance been a ‘good thing’. He bombed everyone out in a big bum’s rush, but unlike Graydon, brought in some good players to replace them. Players like Gibb, Disley, The Dog and Campbell are far better than this division. The defence is now tight with intense competition for places at centre back where His Imperial Majesty Christian Edwards, John (Gladiators ready) Anderson and Steve (Missy) Elliott looking safe and sound whenever they play. Up front Junior is obviously destined for greater things and when his legal problems are sorted, I hope to see him return to form. Forrester will always score goals given service and Haldane is a phenomena waiting to happen.

I guess you can see the problems that still exist from the exclusion in my praise. Robbie Ryan has been poor so far. There is no fullback cover expcept playing The Dog, The Troll or one of the centre backs out of position. Hinton, I’m not so sure about either, his recent performances have been signficantly improved but I just keep thinking that he is no better than say Che Wilson and that is damned with very faint praise indeed. We’ve also got no natural left sided midfielder. Savage has looked the best playing there, but is obviously on the way out and that’s it. The next best option is Forrester out of position.

Up front again, Junior’s problems aside, the Thorpedo looks like he is dragging an anchor. His clever one touch lay-offs and controlled agressiion have evaporated to be replaced with bumbling, stumbling performances as he tries to control the ball and turn like Ronaldo, yeah right. He needs to get his head in order and play to his strengths or he will find himself moving on.

After the first 15, despite recent bench warming from the likes of Lines and Sinclair, we’ve got nothing. It seems our youth policy is taking time to get in to production mode. Hopefully when the first team starts to train at Filton College (next year with a bit of luck) we might start to see kids starting to break through properly. Hopefully then I can start enjoying the football a bit more.

The Black Arab web site has been running the PHPNuke content managment system for about 6 months now. Incidentally, the Black Arab web site is the longest continually running Rovers web site and pre-dates even the official site by about 12 months. We’ve got over 100 members and some of the articles posted have been absolutely top drawer. The thing is with over 100 members, we really ought to be seeing a lot more people posting articles. Work is really getting in the way for me and promises to do so over the next twelve months. I can’t write all the previews and home reviews and I can’t get to most of the away games.

I really need more people to contribute to the website to keep it as a living thing. It’s preaching to the converted really here. Everyone who has submitted contributions has my utmost respect. I have very rarely had to edit anything apart from for spelling. I just need more contributions and more contributors. Away match reports in particular are lacking. I don’t go to many away matches for various reasons and anything you can do tell to me what it was like would be great.

It should be really easy to post news articles and register as a member. If you are getting any problems navigating the site or posting articles or messages to the forum please let me know. I hope to significantly improve the look and feel of the site over the next couple of months. In return I want more articles being posted. These sort of news portal sites only really work if people use them and submit content.

Well it’s been a much better twelve months than the previous year. Let’s hope to see some improvement this year too. A play-off finish and the emergence of some of the youth players to strengthen the squad and some ground development is what I am hoping for.

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