Black Arab is Moving

by on 15/03/07 at 11:41 am

Important news about the Black Arab web site.

Well, it’s a bloody long time since any one wrote anything on the Black Arab web site. In fact PHPNuke is so infested with spamming robots, it’s got to go. I have already set up a Mambo version on another server and just need to transfer across all the old articles. This does mean however that you will probably have to re-register to use the service. I will migrate as many of the users as I can identify from the forum and who have posted articles. Hopefully this will kill of all the spammers. If you get hit in the cull, I’m sorry, but it will be simple to re-register.

What will this mean? Well, one day when you look at or it will look like it currently does. The next day it will look different. Hopefully all the old articles and forum posts will still be there.

I hope this will rekindle interest in the web site. Like I say the forum is practically dead and no-one seems to want to post articles any more. Even me!

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