Its Pinky, Its Perky and even the Football is better.

by on 13/04/05 at 1:47 pm

Pink is in- even Soccer Am’s own Wayne Hemingway (designer and egg look-a-like) said so.

And 10% of it is for a good cause…..get yer money out Gasheads!

‘Come On You Pinks’

Everyone should know the story by now….april fool, pink shirts, ha ha ha…bu**er they actually want them.

Thats is literally how it went.

Stick a bit of charity fund-raising on top and hey presto you get to see what BRFC is all about…fun and good causes.

Its just a shame most fans have been phoning another good cause- the Samaritans- regarding some perfomances this year.

But every Rovers cloud has a silver lining and perhaps we have a few things to be optomistic about next year, and in the future.

1) The multi-point financial plan.
Rovers have a cunnning plan, over a number of years to gain financial stability and provide better financial resources to El Fruitcake and future managers. Brilliant.

2) Scotty Too-hotty Sinclair.
16, centre-forward, local, scores goals, looks to have a bit of quality about him. And he plays for rovers (at the mo!). class. Watch out for Rovers scholar and filton student Darren Mullings- he’s played u-18 schoolboy footy for england.

3) Filton HQ.
Surely the innovation ready to kick start a golden era of new Rovers young talent. Premiership facilities might cultivate Premiership quality young ‘uns. Brill.

4) Walker-Junior Partnership.
Start ‘em together- one of em scores. Rich Walker has been our most improved player of late, and if he continues this into the next campaign he’ll bag us a load of goals. Mint

5) The New North Stand.
Like the south stand, but less tent-like….if planning is given financial stability will be a lot easier to achieve. Spiffing.

Finally…. A couple of well judged signings over the summer and we’ll have a good squad. Thats all im saying.

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