Too Posh for Us

by on 14/08/05 at 7:33 am

El Fruitcake is running out of blue and white quartered friends, and after todays performance he isn’t getting much help from his playing staff.

Its an age old question, How much can fans blame managers for the players poor performances?

Well today at 2-0 Posh, it seemed quite a lot. However it was another typical BRFC lost-game comeback special, but with a more disappointing ending.

A rainy Saturday saw 5100-ish Gasheads come out for the encounter with the East Midlanders, and should have expected some very, very good performances according to El Fruity after the Grimsby failure.

So, after drawing a line under Tuesday’s ineptitudes, yours truly went straight from work to see the New And Improved Gas.
A flurry of semi-excitement whirled around my part of the Blackthorn (sorry, Bass) stand as a team sheet got thrown from hand to hand by keen fans.

My eyes go straight to the defenders….Elliott, Edwards, Anderson.


That means 3-5-2 or 5-3-2, which means confused wing backs, confused side-midfielders and lost strikers; However though, I could be wrong, and after all this is a new game, lets give it another go.

4 minutes gone, the 3 Centre-backs still seem addicted to passing the ball in the air, even if its only over an uneccessary distance of ten yards.

Then, Posh get the ball, the lively Newton recieves the ball on the edge of the centre circle and runs at the Gas…and runs…and runs…shite, he’s in the box; he stops; looks up- (probably to see if the defence are still there)- yep…they’re there, just not pressing, so he picks his spot and lasers an 18 yard bending beauty into the far corner, unfortunately I had a great view.

Posh deserved it, and as a man behind me said They figured us out after one minute- and they had.
They were concentrating balls down the wing, preying on the wing-backs confused positioning, then laying the ball onto the corner of the box where their attackers would peel off our sluggish-ish defenders.

It’s a good job they only did it once or twice, or we would have had a bit of trouble Betty.

After about 10 minutes, and then a further 5 minutes checking, I made an observation about our Centre-Backs.
Whenever a cross or long ball came near them, or the players they were marking, they were not interested in the ball- all they were intent on doing was nutting their man in the back of the head.

Elliott did it twice in ten minutes, Anderson twice and Edwards once. It was clear it just wasn’t bad timing, you could see it happening. I have no idea why.

Anyway…my lapse of match-concentration must have diffused to the mind of Robbie Ryan, who broke the defenders rule number 1 by playing a ball across his own goal line 5 yards out from the edge of the box that went horribly awry…David Farrell capitalised on the mistake and walked the ball into the box, then fired it past Shearer with great, great ease.

2-0, and Rovers were crumbling.

So, as we Gasheads should expect by now, as the game was lost, Rovers started playing better quality football.
The defenders started using Hunt, Williams and Campbell as outlets, instead of trying to pick out Walker and Agogo direct.
This meant more runs down the wing, and after some probing on the left by the sparkling Williams, he whipped the ball in for Dickie Walker who duly nodded the ball delightfully past the Posh keeper.

Half time came, and in my opinion, it was another 40 minutes of crap, with about 5 minutes of OK footy. I think we were lucky only to be one goal behind.

Second Half….quite slow, but Rovers started getting at the 10-man Posh side who had lost their captain befor the Walker goal due to retaliation on Shearer.

Gibb became more effective on the right, Williams also on the left and Hunt in the middle.
It was good work by Williams on the left that saw him play Hunt in on the fringe of the box where he was tripped by a lumpy Posh-ite.

Big Bad Stevie Elliott snaffled the ball, planted it down and frigging hammered it through the wall crashing into the net with a slight aid of a minor deflection. 2-2, Huzzah! El Fruitcake might just make it to Torquay.

However, as with previous Rovers comebacks, once on level terms and the pressure of something to play for returns, the twitchy air-ball footy comes back also.

This disjointed our game again, Williams and Campbell faded greatly, and so did an already below-par Agogo.
Junior was whipped off for Louis who I don’t think is good enough for our cause.

The newly-gappy Rovers turned off for a free kick for Posh who sent the ball down the right wing where the ball was crossed for Forward Journeyman Richard Logan, who cracked the ball into the roof of the net.

They probably just, but only just deserved it.
Rovers pressed fairly well for the last 10 minutes, Hinton and Gibb worked well down the right, fashioning corners and crosses all over the shop, but without bearing fruit.

A last minute corner nearly saw a helter-skelter header by Scott Shearer go in, which would have been nice, but it didn’t…so Rovers lost again.

My faith in Presidente Fruitcake is waning.
The 3 Centre-Back insistance is doing my head in, we aren’t good enough and it complicates things too much.

On top of this he now says he may have to play more NEGATIVE to win us matches in the future.

I would elaborate greatly on my views on the current situation, but as my current romance for Rovers is slowly dimming, I wont.

All I will say is: Excuse me if I don’t go to the Mem for a while, I can put my ??14 to much better use at the moment, as I can do my time also.

Sorry folks, but thats how I feel at the mo.

Gas Ratings: Shearer 6.5, Ryan 5, Gibb 6, Edwards 6, Anderson 5.5, Elliott 6.5, Hunt 6, Campbell 5.5, Walker 6, Agogo 5.

Subs: Hinton 6, Louis 5, Forrester 5.

MotM: Williams 6.5…7 maybe. If I’m generous.

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