The Clock is Ticking for Mr Atkins

by on 09/08/05 at 11:41 pm

I???m still in full support of El Fruitcake, however it???s time to realise we don???t have much time to get into ???promotion gear???

Let???s get to the brass tacks here ladies and gentlemen, tonight???s performance was no where good enough to churn up every week and get into the play-offs.
On the ???fishal forum tonight a few good quotes have started cropping up to describe the mood, here are a select few:

???New bottles, same medicine???

???It???s getting hard to defend IA???

???532/352 just doesn???t work

The players looked toothless and out of ideas for most of tonight as Grimsby capitalised on our lack of left midfielder (which left Chris Carruthers exposed and out numbered) and we had Lescott (A central midfielder) playing at right wing back, while Stewie Campbell (an attacking normally wing midfielder) playing in the centre not attacking nor defending- basically, he was lost.

Somner, while carrying Campbell had a solid game, but looked short of match fitness and touch.
Shearer, in goal, prevented it from being 3-0 to Grimsby within the first half an hour.
Williams, should have won MOTM if not Shearer, but the Presidents Booze Club gave it to HIM Edwards, who was an average defender in a very shaky looking defence.

From views on the fishal forum two of the best performers at Barnet were left out, IE Bass and Hinton, why Hinton wasn???t playing I don???t know, as Anderson was afraid to challenge in the air because of his fragile broken nose.

Agogo opened the scoring after a flick on from a long ball by Walker. The ball went to Ryan Williams who shot low at the keeper, and the ball ricochet to Agogo who headed home from 6 yards.

We were fortunate to go ahead to say the least.

Gritton and Jones scored for the Mariners, who although looked average, still deserved their 2-1 win, they were better all over the field really.

Tonight was just a horrible, inept continuation from last season???s mind-numbing, fan turning performances. It is very difficult to see a good point in it, and it???s even harder to pay for.

6300 disappointed Gasheads turned up to our first home game in what is meant to be ???our year??? (Atkins and Dunford’s words) to see us play 3 centre backs at home.

I think that says it all really.

From Taunton Gas, a very disillusioned Gashead. And it???s only game 2.

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