Ifs, Ands, Pots, Pans, Gas and Hatters

by on 23/08/06 at 9:19 am

Given that we have had more false dawns than a Vicar of Dibley lookalike convention, I’ll stop short of suggesting that this could be a turning point in our season.

What it was, however, was a reminder to what was essentially our hard core of supporters that we’ve got some players who are capable of performing, and that the players care.

Booed off one week, standing ovation the next, some consistency might be a welcome boredom but we’d miss nights like this (most people did, check the attendance)

Yes, Mike Newell, who is looking increasingly like Bruce Campbell (Ash from the Evil Dead movies) rested a few first teamers and yes, Luton played within themselves between scoring their goal (an Argentina-like multiman passing move culminating with a weak shot from the edge of the box only rendered possible by the absence of anything even remotley resembling a challenge) and Walks scoring ours, a placed effort from the edge of the box after Lewis rescued a nothing ball into the channel, but Luton expected to score again once they had upped their game but they couldn’t and found themselves looking silly trying to hunt down our players to get the ball back.

Div2 vs Championship, shouldn’t we be the ones chasing round like dogs on the beach?

Singling out individuals for praise is nearly always a matter of personal opinion but I don’t think that there will be many who disagree that (Lord) Byron Anthony is deserving to be keeping one of Hinton or Elliot out of the team on Saturday.

Sammy Igoe was very clever on the ball also last night, Luton played a high line and an offside trap, and given Lewis Haldanes rudimentary grasp of the laws, choosing when to play the ball forward or sideways was the difference between keeping an attack going and defending a lump by a lump to a lump into the box.

Given a certain goalkeepers penalty saving record at The Mem, I think people expected too much but ho-hum, Luton took 5 good pens and we took 3, Andy Sandy took a bad one and was unlucky

So, a heroic failure, in the fine traditions of English sport.

But its actually achieved more of a victiory than we would have believed possible at the start of the evening (be serious, who thought we would beat Luton?), its actually made me look forward to Saturday, who would have thunk it?

One unexpected pleasure after another, it’s good to be a Gashead!

Up the Gas, see you on Saturday


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