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by on 21/12/05 at 8:58 am


Torquay were bottom, and they played like it at times, however the fairly large ‘Sako’ came off the bench to nip them a win against a stuttering Rovers.

In my honest opinion, Rovers didn’t play badly, but they also didn’t set the world alight.

However, if Gibb and Carruthers can improve their crossing we’ll murder teams due to the amount of balls they’re getting into the box.

Rovers started a bit wobbly, but settled soon after the 5 minute mark, knocking the ball about with confidence and style, and this will only help us as the season progresses; -if anything, we perhaps were trying to be a bit too pretty around the box today.

Although some of our build up play was extremely good, we tended to square the ball too many times instead of pulling the trigger…

…However I dont think we can moan;

Three wins from four, passing football, a distinct reduction in Saturated Long-Ball Bilge and the only thing we seem to lack is a bit more creativity when going forward.

Indeed this was our only missing vitamin in today’s square-meal performance.

The result aside (for just a moment) We defended well (panic only entered after Sako came on), worked very hard in midfield, were patient (very patient) up front, Junior held on to the ball better, Walker gets better every game, and we had more crosses than a Church Bric-a-brac sale.

Although this didn’t please all the fans, the performance was made to seem shocking after Torquays on-loan basketball player Sako picked up the ball on the right of midfield, leapt past two midfielders and a defender, and then proceeded to deliver an elephant-gun like shot past Shearer- it was that hard I thought the posts were going to be uprooted as the ball fecked past Scotty.

In fact, this Sako chap is what I think Rovers should be targetting in the January sales- a midfielder with presence that can unlock defences.

Hunt, Disley, Gibb and Campbell all had decent performances but at times looked short of ideas against Torquay’s dogged dual-line defence- but then Rovers shoudn’t expect anything less than ten-men behind the ball.

As for chances, Junior had a low shot saved in the second half, Walker had two good efforts saved brilliantly by the Gulls keeper, and we had plenty of time on the ball around their box- we just lacked a bit of gusto to take the incentive.

Finally, to all the Gasheads that thought today was The same old Atkins-out, Graydon-out, Francis-out football- the Champions League doesn’t start again until February, you can watch the Prem. on Match of the Day until then;

To the Gasheads who realise our football is capable of going places in England’s fourth divsion….see you on Boxing Day.

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