Gay lions, shrews, spastic horses and overall cause for optimism

by on 30/08/06 at 3:43 pm

Given that we have turned more corners than a bus driver in LegoLand, I’ll stop short again of suggesting that a decent performance against a Shrewsbury side full of confidence, whos line-up appears to be a whos-who of League Two subs benches represents some sort of mid-table Rubicon crossing.

However, we deserved it, on reflection, and the atmosphere around the Mem was positive on the whole. I say on the whole as there is a short fat bloke near Blackarab Corner who has spent his hard earned cash solely to bad mouth Mr Aaron Lescott. Now Aaron isn’t a huge favourite with me, but I’d reserve judgement of his performance until he had at least touched the ball, not so our chum. Ho. Hum.

Mr Lescott is being played out of position at left-back, which, as he is a modern professional footballer is not exactly asking him to be a welder by day and a dancer by night (what a feeling!), but still can’t be 100% comfortable, less so with a fat bloke berating your every move. Still, you pay to get in you can be a complete knob, right?

It was only a matter of time til Ricky Walker escaped the greco-roman wrestling clutches of his lumpen marker and played Haldane into space where his phenomenal pace, despite running like a spastic horse, allowed him to outstrip a defence that wasnt so much square as a tesseract (look it up four-dimensional physics fans!) and slot it past the sunday league keeper that Shrewsbury had brought along. We had some more chances on the break but defended too deep for comfort. Shrewsbury bombarded us a bit but didn’t have much else.

Sandell is a find, his close control is superb, Lord Byron is composed if not agressive and Riggy looks lively when he comes on. Philips runs the defence with his foghorn gob and bellows confidence into a defence that looked terrified in front of Shearer. Cause for optimism more than the result would suggest.

The one thing I was dissapointed in was the non-showing of Shrewy the Shrewsbury Shrew, a mascot who may well have been made up in the pub to tease me. I was looking forward to a mascot voraciously consuming six times his own body weight whilst aggressively defending its territory and emmiting ear-peircing calls.

What did I get, a sad-looking lion trying to give away sweets and having them bounce off his head five seconds later. Are there many lions in Shrewsbury?

My Shrews correspondent tells me the Lenny (for that is his name) has a wife who sports a bow in her mane. Given that only male lions have manes, we could even be looking at the first openly homosexual mascot, is it still called Gay Meadow?

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