Attack! Attack! A Yawn!

by on 20/02/05 at 9:31 am

On a pretty cold day it needed a good lively game to keep the fans warm, needless to say, I was freezing for 90% of it.

After El Fruitcakes Sod it- lets go for the balls blurb yesterday, he just about convinced me and around 5500 worshippers to turn up for the game.

A new game means a new approach, a new start, but I’m afraid to say it was the same old story.

An inconsistent Gas churned out a strange performance, looking as though they knew what they wanted to do, but didn’t quite know how to achieve it.

You could read on their faces what the lumpy-passing-players were thinking:

Right, I want to attack– I need to get the ball up their end– how do I do that?– I know! kick it miles up the field– bingo!

The silly thing about Rovers this season is that when we have got the ball on the deck we look quite dangerous going forward, as Williams, Walker and Junior proved today.

Williams and Walker worked well on the wing to set up Junior with a half volley to equalise Boston’s 59th minute lead, and there were other moments in the game where the Gas had the ball on the deck in the final third but lacked the confidence (ok, and perhaps the quality) to register a decent effort on goal.

The big drawback was that for the other 80-ish minutes of the game our nervy full backs and route one centre-backs made the ball appear on Filton Airport Radar for most of the match.

Atkins plunged to the dug-out for this match, and seemed to get a good reception from the stand under the shadow of Vertigo City, but not as good a reception as John Ward got when Cheltenham visited. Hmm.

The stats will read 25 shots and 14 corners for the match, a pretty large reading, however we didn’t look really dangerous or play with a fluid tempo for nearly enough of it.

I would like to include a bit more detail about the match, but you see not a lot else went on, and aside from that my mind was too cold to remember anything semi-significant.
(Insert any action-areas I missed at the bottom if you wish)

As for off the field action Cheltenham announced an annual loss of ??170,000 due to smaller attendances and loss of TV money…??530,000 les than rovers…who, as you all know, get 2 thousand more fans a week, money from the rugby club, and a fan share scheme. (These rants get more common by the day for me now…)

So, pending Rovers can afford to send their threadbare squad to the next 2 away matches (At Kiddy Harriers and Macclesfield for all you eager beavers) the next home game in the league is Paul Taits Rochdale, and if results go our way we may be only one win outside the play-offs…

…mwah hahahaha see you all at Memorial Mental Asylum on the 3rd of April

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