Torquay Preview

by on 19/08/05 at 11:26 am

A trip down to Torquay in the last few lingering days of Summer sounds like the ideal away match. It’s always a nice friendly day out, with both sets of supporters mixing in the Boots and Laces bar beforehand and up until recently we always win. However, now it takes on more significance with both teams rooted at the bottom of the table yet to register a win and Torquay yet to register a league goal.

So Rovers want to stop defensive errors and Torquay haven’t scored yet. I’m sure the bookies have got it marked up as nailed on scoreless draw. Still ,this is football, the only thing runs of form have in common is that eventually they come to an end.

Atkins needs to perform some voodoo to change his error prone clumsy, creaking, slow, lumpy, disjointed defence. The first shaking of the bones is the loaning out of His Imperial Majesty Christian Edwards to home town club Swansea. That’s nice, he can stay with his Mammy. Swanny has been the pick of the dfefnce so far this season, in that you can pick him out coz he keeps falling over. Torquay’s Fishall web site says that Atkins will shore up the defence with Jamie Forrester and play the Troll as a creative midfielder. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

My opinion is that if your defenders keep making mistakes and you can’t get any new ones, then play less defenders. Edwards, Anderson and Robbie Ryan have been dreadful so far and the defensive 5-3-2 just looks clumsy and clunky. We looked much more compact switching to 4-4-2 against Peterborough. But this is Ian Stonewall Atkins who will no doubt draft in Bass for Gibb, Carruthers for Ryan and Hinton for Edwards and camp out in our own penalty area in the vain hope that Junior will beat three and score. He might even drop Ryan Williams and Campbell in favour of The Troll and Lescott to shore things up even more. Urghh.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’ll see the advantage of playing two banks of four. It worked for AC Milan, but they had Franco Baresi one of the greatest organisers of all time. All we really need is someone who has breathed the same air as Franco Baresi to play alongside Elliott at the back.

Anyway, 0-0 is the best we can hope for with a 5-3-2. Torquay will see this as a game to start their season off but should be vulnerable if we can get an early goal to pop their confidence bubble. Are you listening Mr Atkins?

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