The Awakening – Boston Preview

by on 18/02/05 at 1:03 pm

Sod it! Let’s attack. Shurely shome mishtake? Those can’t be the words of defensive minded Gas boss Stonewall Ian Atkins?

But it’s true. I like to think I’m some way reponsible with my ‘form the testudo’ review of the last match. I would of course be deluding myself. The season’s over if we don’t start winning. Some might say it’s already over but what the heck, I’d rather be entertained than watch another scorched earth defence of the draw.

What can we do? Well if he really wants to go for it he could roll out an attacking 4-4-2 with Forrester and Shakes on the wing. Diddy Ryan Williams showed some nice touches on Tuesday when he managed to get the ball under control so he’s another wing option. Hopefully two of our cenrtre backs will be fit enough to play as well.

What of Boston? Err, who cares really. Their manager has already written their season off and they’ve got no-one I’ve ever heard of. This being Div 3 they will be hardworking, disciplined and dour. We just need to score more goals than them.

Junior could probably do with a few days off to catch up on all his recent events, but is unlikely to get them. Haldane and Forrester are both champing at the bit to take his place. But I think the only changes will be on the wings and hopefully Swanny returning for Hinton.

Can we really believe the all out attack motif? it’s not like Atkins at all, the proof is always in the eating and I wait to see what formation and team he sends out tomorrow. Attack is a mentality more than a formation though. The players need to raise their game if they want to be part of a succesful team and start looking for goal and taking reponsibility on the pitch. My God! I’m starting to talk like Atkins now. Nurse come quickly, I think I’ve been body snatched

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