Rochdale at Home…but the Argies Away

by on 11/11/05 at 2:02 pm

I thought I’d resurface and write a preview for the ‘Dale game, especially seeing as I’m absent due to an International call-up.

The main Change to last weeks squad is the removal of Big John Anderson as Caretaker-Manager, and the insertion of Lennie The Man With The Plan Lawrence as Director of Football.

I would hazard a guess that the team is likely to line up in a 442, with the starting XI being:
Shearer, Elliott, Ryan, Gibb, Disley, Carruthers, Agogo, Richie Walker with Lescott replacing the banned Hunt in central midfield, Hinton dropping to RB with Anderson replacing the gap in the back two.

Expect a direct approach from another New Rovers, but dont hold your breath for Championship football just yet ladies and gents- we should all be very, very content with the Paul Trollope Plan as it has yielded 4 wins, 4 losses and a draw from 9 games with only 3 of those games being played in Bristol.

After watching the last home game against Wrexham it’s evident that the expectations of the blue and white quarters is higher than ever, and only seems to increase with every day we are in League 2.

However we really, really need to get behind a young, fresh manager that is doing a great job at learning at work, and a team that looks like it is prepared to play for its new boss.

I hope someone can sing twice as loud on Saturday as I’ll be in Geneva watching the Three Lions, however I can’t wait for my next home game on the 26th-ish of November.

Welcome to Bristol Lennie, may you make the 82ers regret their decision to not get you on board.

And it was true that a wise man from North of this place would place a hand on the Holy Rudder;
He would use his left hand to guide the ship to more prosperous shores, his right hand to educate the Learning Troll, and his eyes to look upon and judge the Cathederal of Gas

Irene 20:05

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