Ride a White Swan

by on 20/04/05 at 9:05 pm

Swansea, Scunny and Wycombe is what stand between us, and a well deserved break from this mediocre season.

At the moment Gasheads are bored to say the least.

However, since my last article Rovers have planted the future wonders of our team- many young stars penned their names to Rovers for the short while at least, giving Rovers something to look forward to soon.

meanwhile, the planning meeting for the North stand is cancelled….to say I was surprised that Bristol C*ty council seem pessimistic about our application…would be a lie.

But, any news to get our minds off the football is good, as Rovers chalked up another perfomance on saturday that seemed to sum up our season.

A good start (1-0 Williams), with signs of progress (2-0 Agogo), only for errors to shoot our selves in the foot,(2-1 Drummond) miss, and get caught by a ricochet in the nads (2-2 Drummond).

This glorious saturday sees the visit of high-flying Swansea City. They’re Welsh, White, Well organised, and probably going to take all the spoils.

Anyone still stalking the super scholar striker Scott Sinclair situation scenario will be mortified to know he scored again in the reserves this week- I think we need the lad to go on a bit of a dry period to fend off scouts, then bag 50 in one year as we shoot our way to glory…..

sorry…carried away there…anyway…don’t forget Saturday is an all-ticket match and that even us local lads and lasses will need pre-matchday purchased tickets to get in- available from respectable shops such as the one at Two Mile Hill.

See you at the Mem…St Georges Day! huzzah! for the visit of the Swans.

My final thought goes out to all you rumour-mill eager beavers out there…….Chris Greenacre has been released by Stoke….what a signing that would be! Good Bye!

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