Revenge of the Atomic Supermen- Wycombe LDV preview

by on 30/11/04 at 1:00 pm

Black Arab returns from it’s mid winter hibernation to bring you a preview of tonight’s LDV match at home to Wycombe Wanderers.

Hey wait a minute, didn’t we play them on Saturday? These freaky wierd cup match coincidences very rarely throw up the the same sort of game twice in a row. Thank God. By all accounts we were as sterile predictable and goal shy as we have been all season on Saturday.

As the legendary Notts County boss Jimmy Sirrel said ‘if ye dinnae score ye dinnae win’ I believe he was some sort of Caledonian, so that explains the bad spelling. Junior has dried up. Walker, Thorpe, Forrester and Haldane all flit in and out of the team, while the midfield is comprised of a quartet of well known Jaffas.

Well, this is a cup competition. Not since Red Star Belgrade in Europe has any team succeeded in the cup by playing for a draw. You just feel Atkins has got to pick his most attacking team possible. You feel that, but does Atkins? I thought the Kiddy LDV team was going to be an attacking experiment, instead he rolled out five defenders. Kiddy were so bad that I’m sure I could have played and we could have got a result.

Attack, attack, attackattackattack. Well that’s what I’m hoping for. A start for Ryan Williams and Disley and The Dog would be my plan. A rest for Junior and movement, pace and creativity up front with Forrester and Haldane splitting wide in to the channels to allow bursts through from midfield.

Atkins might have other plans. the hearty but blunt efforts of Hunt and The Troll in midfield impress him. The aerial ability of Lee Thorpe is another Atkins factor.

What can I say. I’m fed up with watching 9 defenders get in each others way. I’d much rather see our midfield running round like the red arrows and forwards showing movement and creating space rather than centre backs whacking it up to a target man. I would also like us to bloody win.

This division is tight, but it’s also rubbish. Any half decent centre forward looks like a demi-god, any half decent team looks like an alien invasion. I therefore conclude we are not half decent at the moment. Mr Atkins, work out which your best team is and play them. We show the opposition too much respect, let’s get in to them like we did against Yeovil in the second half. Please, please, please let me start enjoynig going to the football again, it’s been four years now.

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