Return of the Killer Shrews

by on 25/08/06 at 4:51 pm

Shrewsbury. Err, up North I think. On the Welsh border, still legal to kill a Welshman in the City Centre with a bow and arrow. I say legal, that’s not quite right. you get paid a golden sovereign and then arrested for murder*. Oh yeah and our visitors tomorrow.

*Don’t know if any of this is true, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Shrewsbury roll up tomorrow high on confidence after a good start. They feature big lumpen Kevin Langmead and Derek (I’ve been everywhere) Asamoah up front with former Gas target Ben Davies in midifield. Their defence is marshalled by the disaster waiting to happen and the player with the best name in showbusiness: Osagyefo Lenin Ernesto Burton-Godwin, or Sagi Burton to you and me. But hey, you could find this out by looking on a proper web site. I’m sure they’d give you loads of meaningless stats and the opportunity to piss your money away on ludicrous online betting too.

The real story tomorrow is How will we play without Junior? Forest are desperate for a striker so he will stone cold guaranteed be signing for them before the 4 o’clock window today.

Good riddance? Well apart from his crapola departure, you’ve got to say that on the balance of things he has been a good striker. Now however, we need to see if the team can play without him. There is encouraging early season form from Sandell who looks like the best thing on the left since, err Lee Archer? Haldane appears to have notched his game up a level too and should get a run up front as we scratch around the bargain basement looking for a Junior replacement.

At least Junior’s acrimonious departure hasn’t got everyone blithering about a lack of ambition. It really goes to show where the balance of power has shifted. Lenny needs to really pull out all the stops to bring in a couple of players to beef the squad up. His signings so far look pretty promising. Green, Our Lord Byron Anthony and Sandell have all been an improvement. Now we need someone better than Agogo!!

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