Operation Barbarossa – Lincoln Preview

by on 14/01/05 at 12:11 pm

Rovers travel to Lincoln with the memory of Memorial Stadium boos ringing in their ears as they seek to get this season back on track, again!

Keith Alexander’s Lincoln are a one dimensional team who play a 90′s powerplay game and rely on giant Ben Futcher for all their set pieces and throw ins. Here’s the good news. Futcher is injured. Here’s the bad news, we can lose to anyone in this division if we try.

Lincoln have been struggling for goals recently and have shown first the in door, then the out door to ageing journeymen Martin Carruthers and Adrian Littlejohn. They’ve now signed some kid from Nottingham Forest called Westcarr on loan and have another Rovers nemesis in Gary Taylor-Fletcher-Dervish availble. Fortunately, Simon Yeo is also injured and he is another player that always scores against us. There is a big long list of these players, I remember Plymouth’s Tommy Tynan was a stone cold certainty to score against us in every match he played.

Atkins seems to be trying to shake up the pack and address some of our known issues, like full-backs and a left sided midfielder. The fishall site is silent as always so there’s no knowing whether any further offers for Rory Prendergast or any other players have been made. You’d think a player plus cash deal involving Ryan Williams would tempt Accy.

Lee Thorpe has something to prove and should lead the line. I can’t see that Atkins has much alternative from the starting eleven from last weekend. He can’t magic a left winger out of thin air and he can’t make sick people better.

Knowing Atkins, I predict a hard working grinding out of a 0-0 draw, with the late introduction of a flair player in the vain hope of nicking a sneaky winner. Urrgghh. Good luck if you are going. It’s miles away, we’re playing like a bag of spanners and our manager favours a scorched earth policy home and away.

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