Millwall Preview

by on 23/08/05 at 2:34 pm

Dr Dee previews the ‘whateverthef*ck it’s called this year’ League Cup match against Millwall.

I guess the only people who are excited about this match up are the witless drunks who pass as sub-editors in charge of newspaper headlines, who get to dust off all the tired cliches like Pirates in to the Lions Den and all that cal. Frankly, and with all due respect to Milwall who are obviously miles better than us, it’s got to be one of the least attractive cup fixtures either team could have got.

We would have liked someone we could beat without too much effort or a match up against someone more attractive with a big gate to bring in some dollars. Millwall doubtless feel the same, after getting off to a terrible start in the Championship (stupid bloody name for Div 2) they won’t fancy some team of kickers and shinners out of the basement with the possibility of an early and embarrassing cup exit.

Millwall have fixed their goalkeeping problem by pulling the mummified remains of ex Southampton and Wales keeper Paul Jones out of whatever tomb Wolves had him locked in to. They can also field ex-Gashead Barry Hayles up front with Don Hutchinson, who on paper should be more than capable of giving us a hiding on their own, if they can be arsed or are still capable of it at their advanced age.

Atkins will no doubt err on the side of caution. Against Norwich last year he put every defender capable of perambulatory motion out on the pitch including the unpronouncable Jon Beswetherwick. So expect Bass in for Gibb and maybe Walker up front for the plodding Jefferson Louis.

As most travelling Gasheads are now skint after a weekend in Torquay, there won’t be too many there tonight. If you are going then give the boys a cheer for me. I expect another war of attrition as we try and take the game to a replay or sneak a late winner. If you want to write a match report for Black Arab that would be greatly appreciated.

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