Grimsby Preview

by on 12/08/06 at 10:43 am

What do I know about Grimsby? Next to nothing in fact, which makes this yet another futile exercise in journalism, not unlike my last match report as the Troll has been mouthing off about changing the team if things don???t get better.

If things don???t get better! Surely that???s too late? After Tuesday???s debacle if Grimsby can be bothered with scouts and team reports we are doomed. That is if Grimsby are in fact good enough to play to a game plan. That???s one of the problems with this division, if you aren???t rubbish, you stand out. Most of the time it???s rubbish vs rubbish meaning you don???t get to see the flaws and problems in a team. Maybe Peterborough and Wycombe are two of the best teams in this division? Let???s hope so.

So what do I really know about Grimsby. Lots of familiar faces for a start. Ex loanee and champion pie eater Ciaran Toner occasionally scuffles about in midfield. Giant centre half Ben Futcher wins every header. Dessicated tomb dodger Peter Beagrie terrorises basement division full backs and Michael Reddy (Reddy to leave and hoping for Yeovil apparently) and Isiah Rankin stand around up front waiting for the ball to fall at their feet. Also, it???s up North somewhere and smells of fish.

Lat season, Grimsby beat us 2-1 at home, when our defence was moved all over the place by Gritton (now at Lincoln) and Reddy. We sneaked a 1-0 away win. If they move our defence around again, they will beat us again. They are not without their own problems having been torn apart by Wrexham and their manager is threatening changes in pretty much the same way ours is.

All I know is that I don???t want to see the same eleven that played on Tuesday. Hunt, Elliott, Disley and Hinton stank the place out and 50% of them ought to go. I suggest you wait until the team is announced before setting off to the Memorial Stadium. If Agogo doesn’t start, you will know that Notts Forest have met the release clause price.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to buy your paper copy of Black Arab on sale today.

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