Giant Monsters All Out Attack- Chester Preview

by on 07/12/04 at 10:47 am

Monsters from space beam down to the Memorial Stadium tonight as Rovers entertain Ian Rush’s Chester City.

Branded ‘long ball’ by Orient manager Martin Ling, Chester play to their strengths, which includes whacking the ball as hard as they can at former Merthyr frontman Cortez-Belle. A player Rovers were rumoured to be scouting before signing Lee Thorpe. Cortez-Belle is suspended for tonight’s match so former everyone football league drifter Michael Branch is the target tonight.

Ex-Stockport left back Kevin Ellison impressed me when he was on loan at Lincoln last year, he had a jovial run-in with the WSE crackers. Other than that it’s pretty standard Div 3 fair. Expect lots of throw ins, scuffling and goal kicks.

Rovers really need a win after a miserable run of form was ended with an apparantley encouraging display in the LDV against Wycombe (I couldn’t go, coz I was ill).

Atkins has been bigging Craig Disley this week and The Dog is likely to start at left back with Robbie Ryan suspended. The front two might be an interesting selection. Forrester scored the winner against Wycombe and is a more orthodox partner for Lee Thorpe than Junior. Junior is obviously a better player, but has something else on his mind at the moment and could probably do with a rest.

So 4-4-2 with a narrow midfield and Disley breaking. The match depends on how well His Imperial Majesty Christian Edwards and Missy Elliott stand up to an aerial assault. As long as Chester don’t have anyone quick, we can keep a high line and try and run through from midfield with Disley , Savage and Campbell.

My prediction. Space aliens will try to take control of Godzilla and launch an attack on Tokyo with Godzilla, King Ghidora and Rodan, but this will be foiled by a stout defence and a running midfield confounding the alien’s mind control resulting in a 3-1 Rovers win

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