Do The Cobble…do do do do do do do do do

by on 18/11/05 at 8:50 am

Mr Jekyll Rovers, or Mr Hyde Rovers?….

…or Frankensteins’ Monster Rovers?

Here’s a view from Taunton Gas to make things as clear as a Scotsman’s porridge.

Firstly, word on the Cobblers grapevine is that Andy I love scoring against Rovers Kirk will be fit for saturday. Feck.

Onto more comparitive notes, Northampton are a good-ish side.

They played a lot of good footy at the Mem, but also got flustered when put under pressure- a bit like the other 23 teams in league 2.

However, with players like Martin Smith, Josh Low (Doh!) and Captain Kirk they certainly have the capability to beat a team.

Aside from worrying about whether the grass is greener or not we have a few tinkerings of our own to preview.

Ryan Willo Williams is on his way back to Mega-dwarf super powers after his rehabilitation at The Snow White Clinic- good news there then.
Up front, Walker, Junior, Super-Lewis and Forrester are all fit, as well as the rest of our midfield with the only possible unfit candidate being Ali The 4th Bee Gee Gibb.

The likely lads at the back will probably be a flat four of Lescott (RB); Ryan (LB); and Hinton and Elliott at CB.

Now then, that leaves one position: Goalkeeper.

Unfortunately for Scott Shearer he is slowly losing the patience, and the backing of the fans.
Now I know we should all be giving him 100% etc, bla de bla….however it is difficult when at least one goal from the last 5 games *could* be put down to bad goal keeping.

Hopefully Lennie has rolled some words off wisdom off of his experienced tongue and brought the young Scot into a better frame of mind for the clash at Sixfields.

Good luck boys, lets plunder us some points this weekend!

A wise-man prophecised that a Troll would emerge from the background, and would whip the Saints of Irene into frenzy, ready for a war at Northampton Town.

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