Dive, Dive Dive! – Yeovil Preview

by on 11/02/05 at 12:06 pm

Rovers travel to Yeovil on Saturday with the media clarion ringing to the sound of Ian Atkins moaning about divers and cheats. Just the sort of badinage guaranteed to generate a friendly atmosphere in an important West Country derby.

Is it a derby? Well who gives a stuff, we just want to win to shut up Yeovil’s newly found fairweather fans. The comeback from 2-0 down with 9 men was one of the highlights of the Memorial Stadium season for me and sticking it to them on their own patch would be sweet indeed.

Rovers travel minus Lee Thorpe who was surprise transfer to Swansea mid week. Dicky Walker impressed against Grimsby, but it is financial rather than football matters that precipitated the transfer. Thorpey looked like he was dragging an anchor in recent weeks, he has a rep for falling out with managers, but a mystery virus was blamed for his poor form. Usually a mystery virus is a footballing euphemism for being far too fond of the beer.

Will Junior play? That depends more on Sheffield Crown Court than Ian Atkins. He tore Yeovil apart in the second half of the home game and I’m sure Gary Johnson will have spent some time thinking up ways to deal with him.

Gary Johnson. Well Atkins hates him because he reckons Johnson pushed him out when he was the Cambridge manager. It’s all just additional entertainment as far as I’m concerned. Trumpeting in the media and attempting to put pressure on the ref might work, but it might also backfire particularly away from home. You of course can help the ref by displaying your Black Arab diving board cards

Hmm, the game. We are away from home and we suck away. It’s likely to be a new strikeforce of Walker and Forrester. I think it will depend very much on the ref. If we get one that sees it as a derby game and allows us to kick lumps out of the wispy Yeovil players we’ve got a chance. Otherwise our terrible away form will count against us and if we go a goal down the game will be over.

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