The Cold War is over

by on 22/09/05 at 3:24 pm

Rovers have today confirmed that Ian Atkins has been releived of his duties as First team manager.

What does that mean? Well effectively, he’s been sacked and they are just going to pay off the remainder of his contract. Good riddance to bad rubbish I hear a lot of you say. Well hold on a minute, let’s have an alternative view.

The Rovers job was pretty much a poisoned chalice when he took over and you could say it still is. We have too many journeymen in the side and not enough hungry young talent. the thing is, this won’t change until the Filton Youth scheme starts to come on line properly some time next year. Atkins says he stopped the rot and I think he’s probably right. We’re not absolute crap any more, just not very good.

Atkins stopped the rot and organised the club, but his Stalinist scorched earth tactics were never going to win him any friends and seem outmoded and unable to take us any further forward. He also appears to have fallen out with the board. Something he seems to do at every club he goes to. His after match press conferences contained more dark hints and implied intrigue than Kafka’s The Trial. The only problem was that only he appeared to know what he was talking about and it just came out as gobbledygook.

So in the grand scheme of things, history will view Atkins as just another Rovers manager. I’m sure he will be roundly booed when he comes back a Bury manager later in the season, but I bear him no great animosity, I mean he’s not Neil Warnock is he?

Speculation therefore moves on to his replacement. The fishall statement said another fishall statement would follow. Hoorah for fishall statements! We’ve had loads of them recently. Obvious candidates include Russell Osman and Tony Pulis, but other names that might stand an outside chance are Steve White, Andy Tillson and David Williams. There’s also the tedious possibility of giving the assistant a chance. In this case the unlikely figure of Paul (The Troll) Trollope. Then again whoever thought Chris Coleman or David Moyes would make a good manager?

My opinion is that we need somone fresh and hungry that will take us forward and be popular with the fans, a much neglected commmodity in these days of Premiershit football.

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