Planning for the Future…

by on 11/06/05 at 12:20 pm

Lets just say Rovers’ interest in thte brice of bricks and mortar got a bit more intense after last night.

The fabulous news that Rovers had been granted Planning Permission (Albeit Conditional) was announced last night after a planning meeting at Council house.

Yes, it doesn’t mean the plans will now go without a hitch, but at least it means we have some plans.

All we need now is a picture of the front of the stand to know what we will be sitting in when viewing Rovers glorious 2006/07 season as we cruise to the League 1 Title.

This bit of news has helped pep a so far uneventful preseason.
Little transfer gossip, no manager change, no boardroom craziness, just stability…..a nice bit of peace and quiet during preparations for a change.
And surely it can mean only good things for Rovers.

Nighty night, Viva El Presidente!!! Aieeeee!

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