New Look Rovers

by on 01/06/06 at 10:50 am

Lennie and the Troll have completed phase one of their Summer rebuilding programme and their will be a brief hiatus as the players take a break and we watch England win the World cup.

New Look, because we are now obviously shopping at New Look rather than Aquascutum.

So, who have we signed?

Ryan Green- a permatanned full back from Hereford United. A player we have watched ever since he was released from Wolves and known to be fond of the footballer lifestyle. Hopefully Lennie will keep him off the sauce.

Andy Sandell- a chunky looking left winger from Bath City. Err, released by Swindle Town and dragged his way back up from rejection. Hopefully with a point to prove.

Five Academy players. Five! Five? I see the plan, get ‘em in the first team see if they are any good.

Who haven’t we signed?

Kevin Gall. No Comment.

Ben Davies. Promising attacking midfielder who preferred Shrewsbury.

Byron Anthony. Cardiff centre half. Probably still on the back burner somehow.

Steve Mildenhall. Grimsby’s keeper. I guess he might yet sign seeing as he wants to return South. Probably on a reasonable screw, and therein lies the rub. We will have to sell Agogo to get any more players in, particularly experienced pros like Mildenhall, Andy Johnson and Sammy Igoe.

It seems to me like we need a defensive midfielder and a centre half to complete the set. Oh, and a replacement for Agogo who must surely be sold now that he is at the optimum price level with a long contract. Southampton sniffed round him for ages and his agent is a mouthy git, like all good agents. I think he will get a deal from a Championship club if he hangs out for it. It’s a big shame he didn’t make the Ghana squad as that would have made him a much more saleable asset. The big worry would be if he decides to hang his contract out and then take a Bosman at the end. We really need the money, not just for rebuilding but also to pay the bills this season.

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