Lambert Signs

by on 01/09/06 at 10:20 am

Rovers splashed the cash and signed Rochdale’s Ricky Lambert on transfer deadline day in a deal reported at ??200,000.

??200,000! Where on earth did we find that sort of money from? The Agogo deal was reported at circa ??125,000. So I guess one of the Directors has loaned the club some money.

Is he worth it? Looking at some of his goals on Youtube, yes! Looking at his career of swapping clubs in the bottom division, you would be doubtful. Let’s hope Lennie and The Troll know what they are doing and that we really can afford it. He’s the right age and seems to be a hardworking sort of player, so he should fit in.

You might worry that we are gambling on promotion again rather than trying to balance the books. Maybe we’ve finally found a Sugar Daddy prepared to piss his money away on Bristol Rovers? It certainly wasn’t the sort of signing I was expecting. I thought we would be looking to get some young shaver out of the Conference and maybe some sort of foreign wildcard. Instead we’ve signed a proven goalscorer with a penchant for free kicks. Strewth!

Only downside is that home fans will have a bit of a wait to see him in action as his contract stipulates he will not be eligible to play against Rochdale on the 9th.

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