Coles Signs

by on 08/01/08 at 5:12 pm

As expected, Danny Coles has signed a deal with the Rovers that takes him through to 2010.

Hardly a surprise I know, it was much trailed and the speculation was that the signing had been agreed when the loan deal was done.

Coles is a Bristolian, which is good and seems like a solid and dependable centre back to me. His performances in the first team started a little nervously, but have been gradually improving.

The speculation continues that there are at least another two signings imminent. The Troll watched Fleetwood at FGR before joining up with the squad for the Fulham match and we are also apparantley trailing Jamie Mackie at Exeter and ex-Lincoln left winger Jeff Hughes, currently at Crystal Palace.  There is even the sniff of a loan signing of a young forward from Watford. 

 Watch this space!



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