Directors Special Dead Pool

by on 12/06/06 at 10:30 am

Yes,I still haven’t got round to automating the Dead Pool. but it returns once more. This time with a twist.

Yes, it’s the Directors special close season Dead Pool.

Who will be the next Director to go after Turl, Williams and Spencer?

Will it be International Man of Mystery Ron Craig? The man reponsible for the Tesco bag shirt abomination.

Will it be Boycey Bradshaw? The man reponsible for the Gay Pirate logo.

Willl it be Supporters representative Kim Stuckey? Already known to be in a big huff.

Or will it be Mr Teflon himself, Chairman Geoff Dunford?

Vote in the votey thing. Baggsy the director of your choice using the comments feature. Talk about it in the forum.

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