Dead Pool Returns

by on 16/08/06 at 2:47 pm

So Junior’s not quite made it to the Trees, Ali Gibb and Robbie Ryan are still filed under MIA, Scott Shearer’s been demoted and forced in to the Stiffs. What better time to re-introduce the famous and highly popular Black Arab Dead Pool

If you haven’t played before, here’s the rules:

  1. you only get one go each

  2. it’s first come first served on selecting players
  3. the first player to be bombed or transferred out PERMANENTLY from the Rovers is the winner. Loans do not count.
  4. It’s Peter’s idea, so he’s the umpire
  5. Beer at lunchtime is a good idea
  6. entries are only accepted from the Official Site
  7. the Umpire’s decision is final

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