The Black Arab Master Plan

by on 02/01/12 at 12:26 pm

The Black Arab Master Plan

With Premier League and La Liga players earning fricking millions for kicking and heading a ball, there must be one of them stupid/vain enough to want to do a Roy of The Rovers stunt and take over a lower league team and bring all his friends in and bankroll them to the Premier League.

We also need a South American player in the team, just to make the set complete.

I propose I be delegated to approach Juan Sebastien Veron to take over as Chairman, Manager and Captain. I will fly (by aeroplane) to Argentina and meet with El Brujito and outline our plan. He will of course quit his current job and come straight back with me with a suitcase of used dollars and the contact for moody Italian passports for Argentinians.

We will take over the club and start bringing in as many South Americans as we can on the aforementioned moody Italian passports. With Juan’s contacts I’m sure we won’t need to worry about paying off Buckle or the old board.

To effect this plan, I need you all to start pledging money for my ticket, expenses and passport.

We also need a list of South American players, especially including a Uruguayan Hatchet Man Midfielder.

I thank you.

Dr John Dee
Maximum Leader of the Church of Black Arab

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