Rip off Rovers

by on 23/03/07 at 12:47 pm

Rovers punish the innocent by putting the prices up for the final game against Swindle Town thereby incurring the wrath of Dr Dee.

So let’s get this straight, a bunch of nob ends run on the pitch at the end of the City game and that means the police costs go up for the final match against Swindle town. So in their infinite wisdom (sic) the board decide to get rid of the early bird discount *and* put the prices up for the final match.

Great, let’s punish all the fans to cover the police costs. That might teach them not to run on the pitch, they might even start to police themselves. ie next time some stupid 13 year old tries to run on the pitch a 15 stone 40 year old drunk will give him a slap to stop him.

OK, I see where they are coming from, but for *****s sake, it costs too much to watch the Rovers already. My bank balance is looking decidedly unhealthy this month with 3 home games in a row and all the costs of Cardiff. Quite frankly, they ought to be dropping the prices for home games for the rest of the season.

So it might only be a quid (or three), but that’s not the point. My point is much more about the principle of putting prices up arbitrarily. It puts the emphasis on screwing the already long suffering (my God how we have suffered) for more shillings rather than getting money in by increasing attendances or adding value to the matchday experience.

With a new stadium and a temporary move in the offing we need to start making some bloody noise about how much it costs to watch 4th rate football, if we don’t we could well find out that tickets at the New Memorial Stadium start at ??20 and go up to ??40. And that will price an awful lot of the long suffering fans out.

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