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by on 07/11/05 at 11:42 am

Same as the old boss? Well, nearly, in that Paul (Trolly, Trolls, The Troll) Trollope is in charge of first team affairs. What is different is the appointment of Lennie Lawrence as Director of Football. The role of DOF makes sense to me given Rovers heavy involvement at the Bristol Academy. Keeping you eye on all those activities as well as run the first team sounds like for too big a job for one man. The question I guess is whether Lennie Lawrence is the right man for this job?

Lennie has a long and impressive pedigree and a good track record in getting smaller clubs promoted. But I thought he had already retired and wonder how in touch with modern football and the basement division he is. I suppose I’m going to have to trust the board on this one as they are the ones that have conducted all the interviews and stuff. However, their recent track record in appointing Francis, Graydon and Atkins doesn’t inspire you much though. Lets hope they’ve got it right this time.

I am pleased for The Troll, he seems to have a positive approach to his football and it’s obvious the players like him and will play for him. The biggest question marks against any fledgling manager are whether he has it in him to deal out the bollockings and to bomb players out and sign better ones when he needs to. Most young managers like to appoint a Mr Nasty assistant to back up their bollockings. Ollie appointing Phil Bater for instance and The Troll with John Anderson. The Troll doesn’t have that luxury any more and Lennie is in charge of hiring and firing players. Something I guess he has much experience in his seventy years in management. The biggest issue is whether the two can get on. If The Troll wants to get a player in and Lennie doesn’t agree there is scope for much toy from the pram ejection.

But lets concentrate on the positives, appointing a DOF means Rovers appear fully committed to getting young players through from the academy in to the first team. That has got to be a positive thing. I would love to see Atkins journeymen replaced one by one with young local players. The thing is, that can not happen overnight and the attitude of the Memorial Stadium crowd is a definite deterrent to introducing young players. Who is this fool asking me to be patient after enduring five seasons of shite? You may well ask. Well, there just isn’t any other way. We can’t buy our way out of our division, we’ve tried grinding our way out, the only way left is to grow out of it.

I’m just glad the manager situation is sorted for the time being. The endless speculation and uncertainty was starting to affect my work for one thing. I was constantly having to check the fishall site for the latest meaningless update. Now the white smoke has appeared I can get back to worrying about whether Ali Gibb can get some form back.

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