Lennie’s 5 year plan

by on 08/11/05 at 11:55 am

New Defender of the Faith Lennie Lawrence has announced he has a five year plan to see Bristol Rovers in the Championship.

What is it with Directors of Football? Why have they always got to have a five year plan. The only other people to have five year plans were the Soviet Union and look where it got them.

The truth is always there is no plan. At least no milestones, targets and budget to achieve it. If there were, then you could safely publish it and be judged by your acheivements and give explanations when targets were not met for whatever reason.

What there is is a desire to get out of this division and do well in the next one up. And that is entirely laudable. I would be happy with a five year plan if you could explain to me what it is. As it is, it’s just a bland media statement.

Go on, prove me wrong. Come up with a plan that has realistic acheivable targets in it that will build the club by stages and within a budget. My God! Every other business in the world has to do it. Why not a football club? Our major plan for the last twenty years has been to stay in business, so you could say that has been an unqualified success.

Good luck to Lennie Lawrence, I hope he can take the club forward. But he needs backing from the fans and the directors and a coherent business plan to work to, not just a budget.

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