Cheltenham? You’re havin a laugh!

by on 29/03/07 at 2:36 pm

First no terracing at the new ground, then trying to send us to that hole South of the river and now, if my sources are to be belived, we are bound for home games a bit too far up the M5. The thought of splashing out a reported ??200,000 to get Trumpton up to scratch most probably scared the shit out of the milkmen and those directors who don’t seem all that fond of him.

Even before the Johnstons paint windfall it must have been thought that we’d lose the above sum in people not wanting to drive that far for a home game. And of course with the 48,000+ tickets sold across the area and overall final the unexpected sterling would be dented less than an anorexics birthday cake. So for once listen to us silly enough to turn up every week for 4th rate football and take us back to the footballing hotbed that is Bath.

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