Changes afoot……PLEASE!

by on 19/09/05 at 6:59 pm

Following a further egregious performance from some rubbish team in yellow I used to like, I present justification for change in order to restore a notion of fun and/or enjoyment (and maybe even success) to the West???s worst professional football club.

Our tawdry manager is, in my opinion, the premier cause of Rovers??? embarrassing offerings. His insidious attitude and dogmatic tactics, which he insultingly regards as esoteric have quite rightly resulted in him becoming a pariah within the club. Unfortunately, there has been no caprice and no chagrin displayed from our Midlands despot. Instead he relentlessly accuses our recalcitrant board for the clubs failings, while making one of our more exciting players feel like a cold turd on a foggy morning somewhere in Hampshire. Of course, we all know this already and the result has been excessive palaver amongst my fellow cohorts who are tired of splashing out to watch heavy-weights such as Macclesfield, Chester and Rochdale consistently piss on our beans with ease using comparatively meagre resources.

The answer is quite simply to rid ourselves of this harlequin. The board have a very easy decision here. Atkins??? sacrosanct tactics are not going to change because he has repeatedly (albeit incorrectly) cited ???individual errors??? as the reason for the bucket-load of goals that are being conceded. Surely if individual errors are the consistent cause of conceding many goals each week then there is something wrong in the bigger picture.

1) The players are not good enough ??? hence the reason for mistakes or
2) The system is wrong ??? putting pressure on players in their weak areas where they are vulnerable to making mistakes.

Both outcomes are the responsibility of the manager. If these players are indeed the cause then Atkins is responsible for signing them in the first place. He???s had enough time to sign who he wants, and even if he hasn???t be allowed to (which is what he argues) then he is admitting that he can offer no better with the current crop ??? thus by retaining him for any longer Rovers??? board are accepting this level of performance (which is NOT good enough) until Atkins leaves (end of the season, at latest, when his contract runs out) consequently running the risk of finishing fairly low in the table or even being relegated.
Rovers will lose more money through the worrying gates and possible relegation than the pay-off fee.

There remains a schism amongst fans because of the stability issue and who to bring in as replacement, but I do not see either of these arguments as problematic. This is Division 4. The standard is poor, and past teams have demonstrated that you don???t have to consolidate for seasons on end before mounting a challenge.

I appreciate there may be some issue regarding the board, but tactically I think most people are aware that you will not win many games of football if you see whether you can not concede before you discover whether you can score. For this reason Atkins must go.

I may follow up on this piece with how to P46 W40 D3 L3 in Division 4, hopefully by then BRFC will be looking for applicants for a successful manager.

Apologies for the length of this cosmic message, but I was really in the mood for some big words today. I would prefer to do this in person however the infection runs too fast and too deep for my badger drawn carriage to propel me???

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